Foot Valve

Foot valve is supposed to prevent water exhausting out of suction lines in pump applications. whether or not you draw water from a lake, canal or tank the foot valves act as a twin purpose by filtering of the water and conjointly holding within the priming pump head. foot valves are specially designed for common wells, ponds, Deep Bore Wells etc.

Foot Valve

15MM To 25MM (Threaded)

Nipple Foot Valve

15MM TO 25MM

Bore Foot Valve

15MM TO 40MM

Foot Valve

40MM TO 100MM (Threaded) 


• Material use in High Grade Polypropylene.

• Ends: Thareaded.

• Foot Valve Available in with flap washer & with S.S Spring.


Suitable for Agricultural  & Domestic Purposes.

• Easily Repairable with Low Cost.

• Lowest Friction Foot Valve.

• Spare parts can be Easily Available.

• Durable For a Longer Period.